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You are engaged and now dreaming about how to make your special day your own. Once your have chosen your venue, choosing Entertainment can be next up on the list...


wedding photo on beach with hula dancers

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It is so important to us at Hawaiʻi Hula Company that our clients be a part of creating exactly the kind of entertainment they have in mind for their special day. After all, a wedding is an occasion that celebrates 2 individual people forming a special union.

It should be about the both of you, your preferences and your style.

white and yellow flower leis

We welcome your requests!

This is why at Hawaiʻi Hula Company, we do not offer "packages" for which our clients must fit into or choose from. We encourage you to create your own vision for entertainment and we, are here to help guide you. We offer a variety of services including but not limited to:

Hula dancers

Tahitian dancers

Hawaiian musicians

Polynesian musicians

Fire knife dancers

Polynesian drummers

Sound system with technician

Lei presentations

hula woman in hawaii
Hula Dancer


Now... lets talk about your wedding day plans!

Booking Hawaiian Music is really easier than you think. First of all, we do all the work for you.

You just need to know what you'd like to enjoy and share with your guests on your special romantic day.

hula company performing at night


Hawaiʻi Hula Company can provide all the entertainment your heart desires, to create everything from a sweet private ceremony, to a larger event on the beach, to a grand hotel ballroom, or a spacious outdoor location.

Here are a few guiding tips to help you decide what to book. If you're on the beach or a larger open area, consider making the wise decision to include a sound system and lighting, if needed (depending on the time of day).

kane meaning male tahitian dancer

The amount of sound you need will be determined by the number of Musicians and Audience size (Anything over 25 people, sound should be considered).

If you also wish to hire Hula Dancers for your reception, its a good idea to have as many dancers as musicians on stage. This creates a balance between the amount of musicians and the amount of hula dancers for that perfect balance on stage.

Another thing to keep in mind is... what kind of music you are looking to have. Traditional Hawaiian, Contemporary Hawaiian or a mix of both?


audience participation at bridal hula lesson
Audience Participation: Bridal Hula Lesson

Our Wedding Musicians and Hula Dancers are professionals who arrive early, complete with costumes, flowers, and aloha, all together to deliver the very best of their talents and knowledge from years spent perfecting their craft. You and your guests will surely be the recipients of excellence in their performances, helping you create wonderful memories for years to come.

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