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Ia Orana from Tahiti and haere mai!

Hello and come near! Join us as we take you on a journey through the beautiful islands of Tahiti. There are many attractions that come from the islands of Tahiti, the sweet fragrance of the Tiare flower, the fast drumbeats of the Toʻere drum, lastly the beautiful vahine and strong tane. Tahiti covers more than two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and is comprised of islands and atolls spread over five great archipelagos.

tahitian dancers
Tahitian Dancers on the lawn of the Ritz Kapalua, Maui

malre tahitian dancers
Tahitian dancers in Wailea, Maui

tahitian dancers
Tahitian dancers for your next Event?

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Hire Tahitian Dancers

Now although similar to the Hawaiian Hula, the Tahitian dance is unique in many different ways. For the men of Tahiti, the focus of their dance comes from the rapid shaking of their knees and legs. As for the women of Tahiti, most of the focus is on the movement of their hips. The hip movements will sometimes move very smooth and slow and sometimes very fast. There are generally two types of Tahitian dances, Ote'a, which includes very rapid drumbeats and hip movements, and the Aparima, which normally includes very smooth and very slow hip movements. Tamure or formally known as 'Upa'upa is a co-ed type of dance with both male and female dancers. Like in any Polynesian dance we have our basics, in Tahitian we have...

Fa'arapu– Moving the hips in a circular motion as fast as you can

Tamau– Shifting of the hips from left to right

Afata– Taking the hips and moving them in a square like motion

Varu– Smoothly moving the hips in a figure eight motion

Ope– Moving the hips in continuous half circle

Tahapehape– Doing Fa'arapu while shifting your hips from left to right keeping a 45 degree angle

tahitian dancers
Tahitian dancers

hire hula dancers
Tahitian show from drummers area

tahitian entertainers
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There are many more basic hip movements that do no justice in words. Hawaiʻi Hula Company offers a variety of services such as Tahitian drummers, Tahitian dance performances, and even Tahitian dance lessons. Our audience participation is one the most exciting parts of our show. This is when our dancers randomly pull up people from the audience and have them compete in a friendly Tahitian competition against one another. Whoever brings the best moves and the fastest shake to the table is crowned the winner. This is the perfect type of entertainment if your looking to spice up and shake up your event. Whether it's a wedding, a party, or just friends getting together it will surely have your guest breaking a sweat and it will beyond a doubt be an experience to remember.

Please contact us by email to inquire about Tahitian Entertainment for your next event or call us at (808) 646-1455.

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