Lei Making Workshops

For the enjoyment of groups of all sizes.

A Lei is any ornament worn around the head or about the neck.

A garland, wreath, necklace of flowers or anything else that can be composed in such fashion.

The significance of a lei can hold many meanings and can be given as a sign of respect, a token of love, a welcoming gesture and many more.

Let us sit with you and share our expertise on lei and the many different styles and type of lei, sharing with you either of your choice:

- Lei Poʻo (Flower crown to be worn on the head by men or women, kids too)
- Lei (Traditional flower necklace type adornment)

Lei or Lei Poʻo Workshop:

Takes place before Hula lesson as an add on to Hula lesson.
* Please specify Lei or Lei poʻo (flower crown) workshop when booking
* We bring all flowers/materials needed for participants to create a fresh flower lei or flower crown
* Learn about Hawaiʻi's flowers and different uses for different flowers
* Wear your fragrant flower lei/flower crown for the rest of your stay

  • lei making workshop
  • lei making workshop
  • lei making workshop
  • lei making workshop
  • lei making workshop