The Lūʻau Sampler

Let's celebrate together with a Lūʻau.

Let's talk story, Hawaiian style...

In Hawaiian language, Lūʻau is defined as a Hawaiian feast named for the taro tops always served at one. Otherwise known as ʻAha ʻāina (feast, banquet or dinner party) or Pāʻina (a party).

Many find a large Luau to be a bit outdated and find them impersonal, with 300-600 people coming together to eat Hawaiian food and watch a show at a hotel or large venue. We created (and trademarked) this very special experience for those who do not wish to be part of a large luau at a hotel or large venue but still want the luau experience.

So we offer to you, an opportunity to experience and take part in a more personal and enriching experience. We offer an alternative to what is being mass marketed and offered as a luau, to the public. We bring the luau to you, custom designed to bring you a private and intimate experience with a Hawaiian Cultural expert.

Our cultural expert who will host the experience, will be a performer and an expert on Hawaiian Culture, language and history ready to share with you a Hawaiians perspective of Hawaii, our history, our language, our culture. Offering a chance to have the opportunity to walaʻau ("talk story") in a smaller more casual setting while indulging in a lite sampling menu of authentic Hawaiian treats and specialty foods during the open discussion based around Hawaiian History, Hawaiian Culture, Hawaiian Arts and Hawaiian Language.

The Luau Sampler may also be booked in combination with our Hawaiian Musicians and Hula dancers to create a private Luau for your family or guests. Truly, what we are known for.

Let's celebrate together, with what we refer to as "Let's talk story... Hawaiian style".

  • close-up of couple in hawaii wearing leis
  • banana bread with bananas
  • poi
  • poke ahi tuna hawaiian style
  • poke salmon
  • guava fruit
  • coconut and coconut milk in glass
  • passion fruit on wood plate with wooden spoon
  • hula girls on the beach in purple dresses