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A Special Hawaiian Engagement proposal

Hire Hula Dancers Surprise Wedding Proposal

Our Hula Dancers, ready to perform.

Craig called us with an unusual request…He needed a special surprise proposal and wanted Hawaii Hula Company to be a part of it. His girlfriend, Melissa was a dancer and had a love of Hula and he wanted to incorporate that into his surprise. He is not a dancer of any sort, he warned us, but wanted to have a Hula lesson prior to the master-minded proposal so he could surprise his girlfriend with some new moves. We plotted and planned and here’s what we came up with.

Surprise Hawaiian Wedding proposal: THE PLAN

First, We would hold a private Hula Lesson to teach Craig 1-2 verses of a song we would perform. The plan, to call him up as a participating audience member only to have him join in perfectly for the last verses. Next we planned the proposal. Craig and Melissa would be casually strolling Kalākaua Avenue sight-seeing and enjoying the shopping in Waikiki. They would happen to come across a street performance where 3 Hula dancers were performing. Once we spotted Craig in the crowd we would call him up at the right time. The crowd and his girlfriend would think he was just that poor guy who was called up and will most likely embarrass himself to the amusement of all watching. He would then propose to Melissa as the crowd and our Hula dancers watched and waited for the all-important answer…

Hula show audience for a surprise wedding proposal in Hawaii

The crowds builds…


The day of the Hawaiian Wedding proposal

The day came, planning and preparation were finished. Now time for the big reveal. We started an impromptu show at a perfect little area near the famous Duke Kahanamoku statue in Waikiki. The crowds came quickly and soon it was a frenzy…

Sure enough Craig and Melissa strolled up. They were enjoying the show as were a large group of visitors and locals who heard the music and upon the sight of Hula dancers, rushed over to get a glimpse of the Hawaiian Hula Show. We called for a volunteer from the audience…Melissa was shocked as Craig bravely volunteered with the crowd of hopefuls. We “chose” Craig as our audience participant. We started the song and Melissa’s jaw dropped! How did her honey know all the Hula motions? How could he dance Hula all of a sudden?!

A Hawaiian wedding proposal

Before she could get over her pure shock, Craig walked toward her reaching in his back pocket…She started to cry…He got on his knees and asked her to be his wife…The audience went crazy with glee as she said YES.

A Hawaiian wedding proposal with Hula

She says yes…then there is kissing…lots of kissing!:)

Hawaiian wedding proposal with Hula

The happy couple…

A romantic proposal in Hawaii

The crowd was full of smiles and had many congratulations for the happy couple. It was one of the most romantic wedding proposals we have ever had the privilege of being a part of.

We wish Craig and Melissa a life time of happiness and look forward to providing Hula dancers for a Hawaii wedding in their future. Mahalo Craig and Melissa, for allowing us to share in such a special and momentous occasion as your Hawaiian wedding proposal.

A message from Craig…

You guys met all my crazy demands and put together a great SURPRISE WEDDING PROPOSAL. And it worked, she said yes! Thanks again.

Auntie O says:

What an exceptional event!!! I only wish I was there to have seen it, but reading this definitely took me there. I’m sure Craig and Melissa will remember this for the rest of their lives. Congratulations for really pulling the whole thing off!

Cynthia says:

This gave me chill bumps from head to toes! I got more excited as I read on. How cool is it to be part of one of the most important moments in someones life. Hawaii Hula Company rocks!!!

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