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Hire Hula Dancers & Tahitian Dancers

For Any Event & Any Occasion On Maui & Oahu

Hula For Your Special Event

Hula Dancers & Tahitian Dancers on Maui and Oahu

Hire Hula dancers and Tahitian dancers for your next special event – Anniversary celebrations, Birthdays, Graduations, Grand Openings, Award Ceremonies, Surprises, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions. Let our Hula and Tahitian dancers make your special event that much more memorable. Professional and experienced, our dancers elevate any occasion on Maui or Oahu.


(30-60 minutes)

Our beautiful Hula dancers for hire arrive in full costume with fresh flowers and leis. Dancers arrive 30 minutes before show start time for photo opportunity & check in with client or event coordinator. We also provide all music on CD or iPod (which ever is preferred and compatible with the sound system) should you choose to opt out of live music.

We often add special touches by request during the show such as:

  • Starting the performance with a fresh flower lei presentation/congratulations
  • Leis are available for purchase
  • The traditional Hawaiian wedding song (Ke Kali Nei Au)
  • Audience participation ending (the dancers will ask for volunteers and provide a lesson on stage-always good for a few laughs!)
  • Any other special requests you may have...

E Komo Mai

Come, we invite you to see for yourself how our talented and professional Hula dancers provide you with an experience you and your guests will not forget as we perform a special Hula show on your special day. Hula Dancers For Hire for your next special event.

Hula Dancers For Hire
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male hula dancer
hula dancer group
female hula dancer