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Hawaiian proverbs and poetical sayings or commonly known as 'Olelo No'eau are one of the many ways in which the Hawaiian people kept their culture, their history, and their stories. There are over two thousand Hawaiian proverbs that have been passed down from generation to generation. Some of my favorite proverbs are those that talk about the Hula, I hope you will not only enjoy them but learn from them as well.

Although words cannot begin to describe Hula entirely, I believe these proverbs can brush the surface of the importance of Hula.

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Hula Dancers "Hopoe, ka wahine lewa i ke kai" Hopoe was a dancer of Kea'au, Puna, in that long ago day when gods mingled with men. Because of her dancing and her kindly nature, the goddess Hi'iakaikapoliopele as a favorite friend took Hopoe. When Pele sent Hi'iaka to Kaua'i to fetch Lohi'au, the first request Hi'iaka made to Pele was to be kind to her friend Hopoe. After a time, when Hi'iaka did not return as expected, Pele in a fit of rage destroyed Hi'iaka's grove and the beloved Hopoe. The latter was changed into a balancing stone that seemed to dance in the sea.

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"I le'a ka hula i ka ho'opa'a"The hula is pleasing because of the drummer. The lesser details that one pays little attention to be just as important as the major ones. Although the attention is given to the dancer, the drummer and chanter play an important role in the dance.

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"Kuhi no ka lima, hele no ka maka"Where the hands move, there let the eyes follow. A rule in hula.

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Hula dancer at a backyard casual wedding "Mai pa'a i ka leo, he 'ole ka hea mai" Do not withhold the voice and not call out [a welcome] From a password chant used in hula schools. One who would like a friendly invitation to come into another's home often used it.

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Hawai'i Hula Company not only portrays the traditions of the Hawaiian culture and the Hula but offer lessons as well.

Inquire with Hawai'i Hula Company about our beautiful Hula dancers for your next party, wedding, or event. If you really want to get your event started right, ask about our private and group Hula lessons. This will surely have your guest engaged in the traditions of Hula and practices of long ago.
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