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5 tips on vacationing in Hawaii

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1. Spend your time outdoors.

It goes without saying, that Hawaii, is beautiful beyond measure, so get out there and enjoy it. Wear sunscreen, buy some flip flops (In Hawaii, take note, we call them slippers) and go take a dip in the ocean, a hike up the mountain, what ever floats your boat! Literally even! You can float around on a tube, in the ocean and just relax. Yes!

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2. Take a Hula lesson.

We make it super easy. All our lessons are scheduled on the day and time of our choice and because we have so many beautiful Hula dancers ready to provide your nest lesson, as long as you book a week in advance, we can guarantee availability. Visit this link »

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3. Catch at least one sunset on the beach.

So mesmerizing to sit there watching as the sun sets creating colorful paintings in the sky...

Even better with the sand in your toes and maybe even a glass of wine in your hand.

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4. Buy a pair of “Rubber Slippers” (Also known as flip flops).

This is how we get around in these parts, slippers of all kinds, everywhere. Enjoy the freedom of no shoes while you are here. Relish in the sun on your toes. And the beautiful part is if the get dirty or sandy, you can just hose them off!

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5. Hire Hula Dancers.

If you have a special event happening while you are here, why not add some beautiful Hula dancers to the mix? It is all about Hula in Hawaii. Our Hula dancers arrive in full costume and are professional in every way! The bright and bold beautiful colors in their costume, make any event pop! Fire knife dancers are also always a popular choice, The fire lights up the sky and people stand or sit amazed at this glorious show happening right before their very eyes! Try not to blink as our Fire knife dancers defy physics and gravity with their show stopping routines.

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