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Family vacations are so much fun because the experiences you share will last your life time. If you are visiting Maui, Oahu, or Hawaii island with your family, you're probably researching all of the different activities you could do all together. You might want to do something where everyone can be involved and learn something new about the Hawaiian culture. Well, a hula lesson with Hawaii Hula Company is your answer.

As a hula instructor, I know that families who have shared the hula lesson have had a special bonding experience. The hula lesson, is a perfect way for families visiting to engage in "aloha". The hula is not only for girls. In old Hawaii, the hula was practiced as a way for Hawaiian warriors to tell the story of certain battles. Hula is fun for boys, girls, babies, parents or grandparents.

Fun for the whole family

Our hula instructors come prepared with flowers and leis, which is the essence of a true Hawaiian experience. The strong scent of the flowers and the

Flowers, Family, and Fun

Flowers, Family, and Fun

Making Lei and Rosettes

Making Lei and Rosettes

activity involved in making a hair piece or lei is peaceful and relaxing. Families share this time learning more about the Hawaiian culture. They also experience a little of what old Hawaii was like, when things were simple, when families had time to sit, talk, and make things together. In old Hawaii, families did similar together, like making rope, pounding kapa, or preparing tools for the following day.

After spending some time making flower adornments, the family will get to learn a beautiful hula song. The instructor will teach the lower part of the bodies movements. Then you will learn the hand motions that will represent the words in the song. Learning to use your body parts in the hula is a challenge that will bring a smile to everyone's face. After learning the feet movements and the hand motions, the family will have fun doing the entire song.

There is no comparison like learning the hula in a private setting compared to learning a quick and rushed song at a lu`au. Your hula instructor is there to teach you at your pace. You can learn the meaning of the song. You can learn reasons why your hands move in specific ways. Your hula instructor is your friend and is there to answer all of your hula questions.

Hawaii Hula Lesson

So, the next time you plan a visit to the Hawaiian Islands, check out a hula lesson, from the Hawaii Hula Company. It will be one of the best Hawaiian experiences of your lifetime.

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