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Congratulations! You booked the dream Hawaiian vacation, and you're currently in the works of fine-tuning the details. How many islands should you visit? Where should you stay? Most importantly, what activities will you be partaking in? Experiences are what will stay with you forever and live on in your memories, so essentially it seems like the most vital part of the planning. If you're deciphering on a cultural experience, a hula lesson is the perfect activity to complete any Hawaiian vacation. Our knowledgeable dancers will travel to you, teach you a bit of Hawaiian history, adorn you with accessories, and teach you a fun hula song.

Reasons to book a hula lesson:

#1 When in Hawai`i...

When in Hawaii you will experience many things special to our island culture. Although Hawai`i is a US State, it's extremely different than being anywhere in the continental United States. You will have the opportunity to try authentic Hawaiian food with local favorites being laulau, kalua pig, lomi salmon, and poi. You will hear a different language- Pidgin is widely spoken by locals of Hawai`i; It is an official language. More and more Hawaiians are also practicing the Hawaiian language. You will also take note of our cultural dance- hula! Many hula halau practice in various parks, and you will see the cultural art form performed at many hotel poolsides and lobbies. It seems like the perfect opportunity to engage in such an activity.

Hula Girls

#2 The Bond...

Learning about hula and having a hula lesson will forever bond you to the Hawaiian Islands. It will also develop a special bond with whomever you decide to take the lesson with. Years after your lesson you will be able to look at photographs and ponder about the unforgettable Hawaiian memories.

Hula Girls

#3 A Forever Souvenir...

Being able to get up at any given Hawaiian themed party and say: "I learned this in Hawai`i" is a gift that will stay with you forever. Thankfully, the 21st century allows you to have a video recording of the choreography on your phone just in case you forget.

#4 The laughs...

Throughout a hula lesson there will be a ton of laughs, jokes, and smiles. It never fails!

Hula Girls

#5 Local/Insider tips...

During an hour hula lesson you'll get to converse with the Hula Dancer. Ask him/her for recommendations on other authentic experiences. There's no better way to Hawai`i than asking a native for advice.

So what are you waiting for? Our Hula Dancers are ready to show you a good time!

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