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Tips for hiring Musicians and Hula dancers for your wedding

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Congratulations! You are engaged and now dreaming about how to make your special day your own. Once your have chosen your venue, choosing Entertainment can be next up on the list… 


It is so important to us at Hawaii Hula Company that our clients be a part of creating exactly the kind of entertainment they have in mind for their special day. After all, a wedding is an occasion that celebrates 2 individual people forming a special union.

It should be about the both of you, your preferences and your style.

This is why at Hawaii Hula Company, we do not offer “packages” for which our clients must fit into or choose from. We encourage you to create your own vision for entertainment and we, are here to help guide you. We offer a variety of services including but not limited to:

Hula dancers

Tahitian dancers, Hawaiian Musicians

Polynesian Musicians

Fire knife dancers

Polynesian Drummers

Sound System with technician

Lei presentations


Now… lets talk about your wedding day plans! 

Booking Hawaiian Music is really easier than you think. First of all, we do all the work for you.

You just need to know what youʻd like to enjoy and share with your guests on your special romantic day.



Hawaii Hula Company can provide all the entertainment your heart desires, to create everything from a sweet private ceremony, to a larger event on the beach, to a grand hotel ballroom, or a spacious outdoor location.

Here are a few guiding tips to help you decide what to book. If youʻre on the beach or a larger open area, consider making the wise decision to include a sound system and lighting, if needed (depending on the time of day).

Kane (Male) Tahitian dancer

The amount of sound you need will be determined by the number of Musicians and Audience size (Anything over 25 people, sound should be considered).

If you also wish to hire Hula Dancers for your reception, its a good idea to have as many dancers as musicians on stage. This creates a balance between the amount of musicians and the amount of hula dancers for that perfect balance on stage.

Another thing to keep in mind is…what kind of music you are looking to have. Traditional Hawaiian, Contemporary Hawaiian or a mix of both?


Audience Participation: Bridal Hula Lesson

Audience Participation: Bridal Hula Lesson

Our Wedding Musicians and Hula Dancers are professionals who arrive early, complete with costumes, flowers, and aloha, all together to deliver the very best of their talents and knowledge from years spent perfecting their craft. You and your guests will surely be the recipients of excellence in their performances, helping you create wonderful memories for years to come.

Family Hula Lessons

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Family vacations are so much fun because the experiences you share will last your life time. If you are visiting Maui, Oahu, or Hawaii island with your family, you’re probably researching all of the different activities you could do all together. You might want to do something where everyone can be involved and learn something new about the Hawaiian culture. Well, a hula lesson with Hawaii Hula Company is your answer.
As a hula instructor, I know that families who have shared the hula lesson have had a special bonding experience. The hula lesson, is a perfect way for families visiting to engage in “aloha”. The hula is not only for girls. In old Hawaii, the hula was practiced as a way for Hawaiian warriors to tell the story of certain battles. Hula is fun for boys, girls, babies, parents or grandparents.

Fun for the whole family

Our hula instructors come prepared with flowers and leis, which is the essence of a true Hawaiian experience. The strong scent of the flowers and the

Flowers, Family, and Fun

Flowers, Family, and Fun

Making Lei and Rosettes

Making Lei and Rosettes

activity involved in making a hair piece or lei is peaceful and relaxing. Families share this time learning more about the Hawaiian culture. They also experience a little of what old Hawaii was like, when things were simple, when families had time to sit, talk, and make things together. In old Hawaii, families did similar together, like making rope, pounding kapa, or preparing tools for the following day.
After spending some time making flower adornments, the family will get to learn a beautiful hula song. The instructor will teach the lower part of the bodies movements. Then you will learn the hand motions that will represent the words in the song. Learning to use your body parts in the hula is a challenge that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. After learning the feet movements and the hand motions, the family will have fun doing the entire song.


There is no comparison like learning the hula in a private setting compared to learning a quick and rushed song at a lu`au. Your hula instructor is there to teach you at your pace. You can learn the meaning of the song. You can learn reasons why your hands move in specific ways. Your hula instructor is your friend and is there to answer all of your hula questions.

Hawaii Hula Lesson

So, the next time you plan a visit to the Hawaiian Islands, check out a hula lesson, from the Hawaii Hula Company. It will be one of the best Hawaiian experiences of your lifetime.

Hawaii’s Hula Restored

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Hula by the ocean

When you think of Hawaii, one of the first things that will pop into your mind is the image of a Hula dancer, dancing effortlessly to sound of pleasant Hawaiian music.  It brings you to a sense of peace and utmost relaxation.  As you close your eyes, you begin to feel the tropical breeze that lifts soft drops of salty water to your face and the smell of flowers from the hula dancer’s adornment. Surfing, hiking, and snorkeling come second to enjoying the unique form of dance known as the Hula.

However, the strange truth is that the hula was once abolished from the public eye.   Missionaries in the 1820’s, shared their opinions on Hula, saying that it was offensive and suggested that Hawaiians rid their “heathen” past.  The Hula wasn’t seen in public for some 50 years. Thankfully, it was still practiced in private hiding from those who opposed it.  It was Hawaii’s last King, King Kalakaua who restored Hula and encouraged it to be performed for numerous public occasions.  It began with his 50th birthday celebration that lasted over two weeks with hula as a main source of entertainment.  He truly was a Merrie Monarch.

Lovely Hula Lady

In honor of his virtuous act to showcase Hula once again to the world, the famous event known as The Merrie Monarch Festival began and takes place once a year in the town of Hilo.  At this event thousands of hula teachers, known as kumu and their hula dancers, known as haumana come to participate in a hula competition.  It lasts three days, focusing on the traditional Hula known as Kahiko and the Modern Hula known as Auana. This is such an event, each year, halau (Hula schools) from all over the world fly into Hilo for it. The energy is intoxicating and the air is filled with the fragrant smells of all the lovely pua (flowers) being used by Hula dancers and spectators alike!

If you haven’t been it is a must for anyone who really loves Hula.

Hula dancers

Hawaii Hula Company Hula Dancers

Male Hula Dancer

The art of hula is so unique and is such a treasure to Hawaii and the world.  The hula represents life in Hawaii’s past, the present and the future.  It is truly special to still see it performed today. We at Hawaii Hula Company strive to share Hula with the world, one event at a time. We offer Hula dancers, Tahitian dancers, Musicians and Fire knife dancers for any event on Maui, Oahu and Hawaii Island.

Please give us a call at 808-646-1455 or email us at info@hawaiihulacompany.com to talk about how we can bring Hula and a bit of Hawaiian culture to your event.

How To Plan Your Hawaiian Wedding

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For many brides-to-be and their grooms, having a beach wedding in Hawai’i or getting married in Hawai’i is a dream- but you want every aspect of your special day to be as culturally inspired as possible.  In ancient Hawai’i, marriage between a man and a woman, called ho’ao pa’a, was a lasting relationship.  The parents of the boy and girl discussed the idea and made sure the marriage was suited.  Once they felt confident the couple began preparation for marriage and learning the certain skills to prepare them for a lasting life together.  Once completed the parents of both the boy and girl commanded them to take care of each other, they embraced (honi), and they became husband and wife.  During and after the wedding ceremony, hula is usually performed symbolizing the unity of husband and wife.  The Hawaiian Wedding Song, “Ke Kali Nei Au” which was made popular by Elvis Presley is a great symbolic song to be performed.  Hula represents love and the aloha spirit and to share that at your ceremony or reception is a dream.


In ancient times hula was only performed by the kane or male dancers nowadays the wahine or woman have taken over the art form.  Having both kane and wahine perform is a sight to see, wahine of course is very elegant and graceful and the kane makes the dance powerful and edgy.  Combining both aspects gives the audience a show and it is well versed for everyone.


Accompanying the dancers are musicians. In Hawaiian music trios are the most popular form to book.  A trio consists of a base player, a guitar player, and a ukulele player.  Having a live trio is much needed to get the full effect of the Hawaiian dream destination wedding.  Not only is hula a big part of our islands but other Polynesian dance forms taking place here.


Tahitian dance or what you may know more familiar as fast drums and beautiful girls shaking their hips very fast.  This is also a great treat to have at your reception it is much different from hula of course, not only is it a different culture but it is a different dance form.  So if you are looking to get the crowd up and shaking their hips Tahitian is the way to go!


Fire Knife dancers also can give a great show to liven up the mood and make your night very memorable.  Our fire knife dancers are trained to withhold two sticks lit on fire and twirl them in the air and even eat the flames.  There is so much that we could offer to make your day special and unforgettable.  Please check our website Hawai’i Hula Company for more information!

Hula Bachelorette Party

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When one thinks of a destination wedding it most likely involves a tropical drink and a gorgeous sunset.  Hawaii is amongst one of the top destination wedding spots in the world.  So when your thinking of planning your special day you want to incorporate all that paradise has to offer.  And what better way to get your favorite girls, a flirty hula wrap, and a sassy hula lesson.


Hula Bachelorette parties are trending like no other, let Hawaii Hula Company take over and make your paradise dreams come to life.  A beautiful hula maiden will greet you and your party imagine dancing on a white sandy beach with your toes in the sand and your hair blowing in the cool salty air.  You will be infused with colorful and fragrant flowers and will even get to sew a beautiful crown befitted for the queen you truly are.


Once you are finished making your beautiful fresh flower adornments   you will learn the basic steps and be taught a traditional hula mele (song) and you are welcome to video tape and take as many pictures to make this a memory to last a lifetime.


In the Hawaiian language the word flower is referred to as “Pua” and “Pua” can come in all different colors shapes and fragrances.  Here we have plumeria and purple orchids.


The wraps or “pareos” that these lovely ladies are wearing are formally used in Tahitan dance but since we are polynesian cousins we as hula dancers have adopted these beautiful wraps and use them as practice skirts and even costumes.  We provide each lesson with pareos for each participating hula dancer.

IMG_6234 Aloha is a Hawaiian symbol.  Its meaning goes beyond any definition you can find.  In Hawaii you hear aloha, you feel aloha, and more importantly you are treated with aloha.  To learn more please visit Hawaii Hula Company

Heiva I Tahiti

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In the Tahitian language, the word Heiva refers to activities, pastimes, physical exercise, and festivals. Additionally, music, dancing, singing and sporting events have always held an important place within the Polynesian communities. In ancient times, dance was one of the most sophisticated and ritualized art forms performed in both groups and individually.

In the 19th Century, Christian missionaries condemned these demonstrations that were described as an erotic form of debauchery. In the year 1819, King Pomare II legally forbade the practice. At that time, after being banished from public areas, dancing became a clandestine practice for the people. Traditional dance made resurgence in 1881 after being severely restricted for several decades. That year, the first Heiva I Tahiti was organized and named Tiurai, meaning “July the month of festivities.”

More than just a simple festival, Heiva I Tahiti has become the symbol of the Polynesian culture and an iconic event for a people proud of their heritage. These performances highlight the drama of an opera and the distinct imprints of an ancestral tradition. The dances are unique creations that are based on a historical or legendary theme.

If you are looking to learn more about the traditions of Tahiti, inquire about the services and performances offered by Hawai’i Hula Company. Or if you are looking for that thing to get your guest up and moving, our beautiful Tahitian dancers can do just that!

In honor of King Kalakaua

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It’s that time of year again, when the angelic voices of the oli and the elegant motions of the hula are demonstrated with transcendence at the annual Merrie Monarch Festival. The Merrie Monarch Festival is a weeklong celebration that takes place once a year in Hawai’i nei. The festival includes different “Halau” or dance groups from all over the islands as they compete for the title and trophy of the most skilled dancers. This event also honors the legacy left behind by the late King David Kalakaua, who inspired the perpetuation of our native language and arts. This festival also strives to perpetuate the Hawaiian traditions of long ago through activities, songs, and dance. Similarly, Hawai’i Hula Company aims to accomplish the same goal through the services that we offer. If you are looking to be active in these traditions, you can do so through our private hula lessons. If you are looking to relax, indulge in our Hula and Tahitian performances that we offer. All in the same, if you are looking for something to bring the “Aloha Spirit” and Hawaiian culture to your event, the dancers of Hawai’i Hula Company will do just that.

pretty hula girl
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